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        Graduation Lanyard & $10 Gift Card Bundle

        Congratulate your Graduate with a gift you know they'll love with a Zippy's Lanyard and $10 Zippy's Gift Card for $13! Bundle is on sale starting April 26, 2022. While supplies last.

        How to purchase bundle:

        1. Add a "Zippy's Lanyard" to cart
        2. Add a "$10 Zippy's Gift Card" to cart
        3. Discount* will automatically be applied to cart for each bundle (Zippy's Lanyard and $10 Zippy's Gift Card) added in cart.

        *Note: Both a Zippy's Lanyard and $10 Zippy's Gift Card must be added to cart to redeem. Not applicable to any other Gift Card denominations and HI's Finest Lanyard.

        Zippy's Lanyard On Sale
        $5.00 $10.00
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        Gift Cards Gift Cards
        From $5.00
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